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Natalie Gordon



2022 Release

King Worm Jack


Meet Jack, an ordinary boy with an extraordinary cat, Max. And a best friend called Sally who’s really clever. And another best friend called Rodney, who’s a worm.


Join Jack as he sets out to cure his teacher of grumpiness, discovering along the way how to do somersaults and grow the perfect chocolate flavoured sprout. And command an army of worms.

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Gordon King Worm Jack cover.jpg

Rob M, Amazon Review

"This book had my 10-year-old son belly laughing. It was such a joy to read."

Anon, Amazon Review

"Themes of friendship, kindness, loyalty, persistence, success, love and sorrow are what make this book a must-read"

Paul L, Amazon Review

"My daughter loved this book and raced through it as she couldn't wait to find out what happened."

2nd Edition

Mr. Nobody


It was Saturday. Saturday was The Day. I was moving out and Gran was moving in.


When nine-year-old Katie’s gran comes to live with the family, Katie is forced to share a room with her moody big sister, Lou. They soon discover that Gran has an imaginary, mischievous friend, Mr. Nobody. Before long, stockings are found cooking in the oven and Gran is found wandering the streets in her nightie, singing along to Elvis. 


Then, one day, Gran does something that changes everything …

Mr Nobody coverFRONT.jpg

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The Pursuit of Bookiness

"A powerful story of the impact that Alzheimer’s can have on a whole family. This book should be in every school library!"

Dani, Amazon Review

"It’s delicately handled and beautifully written and perfect for opening up discussions with kids about this heartbreaking disease."

Reevi, Amazon Review

"This book is for adults and children alike and was touching, poignant and funny. It was wonderful to see the story unfold through the eyes of a nine year old and through the muddled mind of the granny."
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