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Natalie Gordon

“I love Natalie's writing. It's at once sharp, incisive and compelling,” Jacqui Lofthouse, novelist and founder of The Writing Coach

Books for children

Front cover of Mr Nobody, showing a confused Grandma, an alarmed Katie and a ghostly, smiling Mr Nobody

Mr Nobody

Front cover of King Worm Jack, showing Jack as a worm with a crown and Chief Worm Rodney

King Worm Jack



This book had my 10-year-old son belly laughing. It was such a joy to read

Rob M, Amazon review for King Worm Jack

It’s delicately handled and beautifully written and perfect for opening up discussions with kids about this heartbreaking disease

Dani, Amazon review for Mr Nobody

This is such a good book! I can't believe it's not being talked about more! A powerful story of the impact that Alzheimer's can have on the whole family. This book should be in every school library

The Pursuit of Bookiness, Amazon review for Mr Nobody

In The Press

Books for Adults

I am currently working on two novels for adults

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The author, Natalie Gordon, outdoors in Cumbria

I write in genres ranging from literary thrillers to children’s fiction. I fall in love with my characters, and hope that my readers will too. I see every scene vividly in my head as the words go onto the page, and I love nothing better than a character surprising me as the story develops.


I have always been fascinated by human behaviour, in the cascading unintentional consequences of our actions, in the interplay of relationships and how this shapes our own stories. Recently I find myself thinking more about the small things that give us joy, about the love we show each other, and how we can be true to ourselves. All this finds its way into my writing.


I studied languages at Cambridge University, and entered a career in management consultancy via a brief stint in men’s fashion, where my highlight was a trip to Italy to visit a cloth mill and put my Italian into practice. These days, I juggle writing with my work as an executive coach, my family, and my forays into the wildness of Cumbria and the Yorkshire Dales.



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