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Mr. Nobody endorsed by LoveReading4Kids!

Brilliant news that Mr. Nobody joins King Worm Jack in the Indie Books We Love listings curated by LoveReading4Kids

A well-written and heart-wrenching tale of family upheaval and coping with Alzheimer’s.

"An intriguing story about a typical family's life - mum, dad, a teenage girl and a girl aged 9 - which is completely disrupted when their Gran moves in. A sympathetic story about dealing with Alzheimer's.

The introduction of Gran's imaginary friend, Mr Nobody, adds humour and relief from the worrying elements of Alzheimer's and potential disaster.

Told by Katie, the story is a brilliant way of introducing Alzheimer's to young children, especially those who have family who are living with this debilitating disease.

There are a lot of tough subjects and emotions handled within this book, with lighter moments when Katie spends time with Margaret and Hugo. The writing is very emotive, and I really felt for Katie, as she has to move rooms and feels lost with the events around her."

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