• Natalie Gordon

The importance of the author brand

I’ve been wrestling with myself. I’ve written 12,000 words of a new work in progress. It’s shaping out to be a literary historical romance. That’s not a genre I’ve written in before, but I’m following my passion and I know it’s what I want to be writing.

The trouble is, I think I need to pause this emerging novel and return to a previous genre: suspense thrillers. Let’s call the new novel, Betty for now, after my central character. It took me a while to get going on Betty, for multiple reasons, but one of them being a niggle that I should keep writing in one genre. After all, if I’m successful in publishing Scratch, then my readers are going to want more. I put that thought to bed, instead following the philosophy of write what you’re passionate about.

Then a couple of weeks ago, I attended the Self Publishing Show Live, organised by Mark Dawson. I learned all about the importance of a consistent author brand. It’s important down to the technical details of not confusing Amazon by placing author ads for different genres. Different genres need different author brands. That got me thinking that really I need to focus, because I now have 3 potential brands: children’s fiction, literary fiction, suspense thrillers.

Secondly, an indie publisher wrote to tell me they’d like to publish Scratch. I am beyond excited with this news! But if I’m going to make the most of it, I need another thriller in the works. So, I’ve decided: pause Betty and start thinking up the next thriller. I’ve set myself the challenge of having a first draft by Christmas. I shall definitely return to Betty, but for now, a new thriller is calling.

And that's just the writing. I haven't got started on building my thriller author brand yet.

Wish me luck…